161116 Tweets regarding Ryeowook in the Army 

From @saganim 

I think men talk about the army only after they go to the army. Before going, he hated stories about the army but seeing him talking about receiving training for four hours, it makes me feel proud of him and he’s adorable. 

Looking at him taking care of his comrades by calling them and giving them snacks, it makes me think that a person who’s affectionate is affectionate even in the army. It’s also cute seeing him whimpering because he got pimples at age 30 from camouflage cream. 

He said 12 people from his platoon marched and that he was one of them. He was cute showing me his feet twice which had blood blisters that turned into scabs saying they hurt. It made me feel proud. 

When I told him “they will heal quickly,” he grumbled saying don’t tell him that it’s nothing. It made me feel sad but also proud. “Can I take the vitamins?” “Should I hide the cookies in my underwear?” At the end he was smiling as he tightly grabbed onto the rice cake ice cream with his two hands. 

He said he got depressed watching other platoons eat their snacks because his platoon didn’t get any snack packages. But he told me to relay the message that E.L.F. Sent him a big box so he was very grateful to eat the snacks. 

I didn’t want to take a photo today because I look exhausted from working overnight but he wanted to take a photo because he wanted me to upload it on Twitter. 

The reason only 12 people among Ryeowook’s comrades marched. It was done on voluntary basis. In another words, only people who wanted to do it did it. He volunteered to march. “Oh I’m proud of you. When did you regret it?” “The moment when I had my gears on.” But it’s a lot better to do it than not do it at all.
Translated by Minnie@sujuismblog.wordpress.com


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