170423 Ryeowook’s April Letter

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To E.L.F. whom I love ‘v’

Are you well? Since spring has come closer, winter’s cold wind has gone, clothes have gotten light and flowers have bloomed~^^ A few days ago I… came back from Jeju Island~ I used my vacation and went there for my father’s birthday!  I think I spent three days and two nights very well. It must be nice, E.L.F. who are in Jeju Island right now. Flowers are pretty, food is good and nice people.. And cool beach, you must be happy to be always near it ^^ Of course, Jeungpyeong which is where I am also has fresh air, is nice to live and I’m happy! I haven’t been to Jeju Island in awhile, so I was happy and I can still remember my parents being happy~ Ah! What I ate was.. Meat noodles, black pork BBQ, yellowtail fish sashimi, gulfweed soup, braised cutlass fish, grilled mackerel, nice fried food, apple mango shaved ice and etc. It was really a food tour ㅋㅋ We also went to Noksan-ro rape flower road and even though the festival was over, but wow it was really pretty~ Rape flowers are the best~! It’s too bad that flowers in spring die early~How nice it must be to have spring all year around~ So my trip to Jeju Island was finished and I came back with good memories, but it still feels good! Let’s go together later ‘v’ It’s a flu season right now.. I was coughing a bit, but I’m almost fully recovered~ Always be careful and eat good things for your immune system (I heard that deoduk preservative is good~ Please eat it~*) Don’t get sick!!! My hands are fine, so don’t worry ‘v’ I wrote a poem for my last letter. How was it?ㅋ I wrote it hoping you would like it. Thanks for writing letters with reply poems(?)~^^ A few days ago, I wrote letters to the hyungs. I don’t know if they received them~ㅋ It was Eunhyuk hyung and Siwon hyung’s birthday~ I was writing a letter by hand…and it just felt weird. If I was out, it would have one day in a year that we have out of many birthdays we have.. Since I’m in the army, I feel for them more and wonder if they are lonely~! It’s a relief that we have you E.L.F.~ E.L.F. whose birthday is in April, congratulations~! Happy birthday! Did you hear Yesung hyung’s song? It’s really good right! Paper Umbrella~’V’ He and Kyuhyun sang a duet all lovey dovey without me! Tut~ It’s a well prepared album~ I hope he promotes it a lot and receives a lot of love~ I hop it’s daebak^^ I got hungry as I was writing this letter~ㅋ My appetite~what do I do.. Diet starts tomorrow~ E.L.F. eat lots of delicious food~!! You are eating Vitamin C, Vitan(x) Vitamin E, Omega 3 right?  ㅋㅋ One more thing to add~!! Brazil nuts~ Eat two of them each day! Don’t eat too much~ just enough! Stay healthy and until we meet again I hope everyone is happy ‘V’

Ps. I’m doing well with my junior and senior ranks~ I’m practicing singing (I’m only listening to songs nowadays because of my cold~ Adele, Musiq Soulchild, Billy Porter, Bruno Mars, Mika, aahk too many good songs ㅠ) I’m trying hard not to lose my touch~ㅋㅋ I want to sing songs the best~ It’s just good~ I’m listening to songs nowadays with focus on the lyrics~ Before, I thought technical things like melody, singing techniques and arrangements were important, but I guess I’m getting older~ㅋ If the lyrics are good…it’s better~ㅠ I’m rambling on in my P.S. ㅋㅋㅋ

When the members are on TV it’s so fun to watch~ Fighting members~ I love you ‘V’

Love Yourself
On April 23, 2017
From Ryeowook who loves E.L.F.^^

Translated by Minnie@sujuismblog.wordpress.com


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