170529 Ryeowook’s May Letter

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To E.L.F. whom I love ‘v’

It’s May~^^ I really think time passes by so fast~ How are you? The weather is getting hot… But the sky in jeungpyeong is clear clear today~ But there’s still fine dust, so I try to wear a mask (Wear a mask for sure!) E.L.F. have to wear masks too~ So that you don’t get sick!
I called mom every day since I entered the army~ (being the filial son Ryeowook ㅋㅋ) But there were too many events this week that I called her once every 2 to 3 days.. When I was doing Suju activities, I would call her maybe once a week, but now that I’m a soldier, I am feeling the importance of family more~^^ I feel better when I call her and I feel bad thinking she might get worried. So I’ve been calling her everyday that it became a roll call~ To be honest…I think it might be less than a minute?ㅋ “Did you eat? How about your health? What are you doing? What’s dad doing? ㅋㅋㅋ” They are just trivial words without any special meanings.. even though it’s repeating the same thing.. even though I know what she will say.. I still do it everyday^^ E.L.F. don’t forget to call either! (Filial duty starts right now~’v’) Did you see 37th division army band performing on National Defense TV? Performing together with cool!! and skilled member made me cheer up when I thought I was alone~ I was worried thinking about how I would look singing in front of so many audience showing my face on camera as a soldier on the grand stage with lights~ A lot of worries came to my mind. But thanks to the officers, members and female students who sat in the audience and yelled out “I’m E.L.F.~”~ I was really grateful! When I watch it on TV next month, I think that memory will pop up. Please play the song nicely~!! I cheered up because of our E.L.F.~ thank you~*
Kyuhyun is going to enter the army soon~ It felt like that day would never come, but it’s near. I guess there was a fan meeting~ I spoke to him over the phone briefly, but he was busy with interviews and other things~ Did you have a good meeting? Sigh…I hope you didn’t cry a lot…Well he always does well, so don’t worry!^^ I’m doing this too so what ㅋㅋㅋ I guess we should pray that 2019 comes quickly~ Look forward to it^^
As I’m writing the May letter, I’m feeling something…it’s..
‘May that I was looking forward to as I was writing my letter last month and May that I’m in now, how are they…?’ Hmm. there’s not much difference. I guess that means I’m spending it well? I’m writing a thank you note everyday and as I look back, I have a lot of things that I need to be grateful for..  I’m grateful that I can send this letter and I’m also grateful for this time that makes me look forward to June~ As much as time piles up~ gratitude…and love get deeper~ How deep will it get…I’m going to treasure this and I will relay this feeling to you later on!^^
As much as the weather has gotten warmer, I also hope your heart has gotten warmer … Don’t get sick~ Don’t forget to eat Vitamin C (for sure! x 1 million) Let’s meet next month!
Ps. Congratulations to everyone whose birthday is in May ^^ (Soldier who takes care of other people’s birthday!) From Ryeonggu

Translated by Minnie@sujuismblog.wordpress.com


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